Monday, April 22

Top Tips For Saving Money on Food

Food purchases eat up a large part of the monthly budget. Here are 8 tricks to keep in mind when shopping and cooking that can help you save money on groceries, whilst also not compromising on quality.

How to save money on food

1. Plan your purchases

Plan a weekly menu and make a shopping list. Store everything once a week and avoid expensive small items and impulse purchases. Also, keep track of any discounted rates and plan your weekly menu based on them.

2. Cut the food yourself

Raw materials sold cut, torn, or milled finished tend to cost slightly more due to the fact that they have been processed and worked with. Instead, buy fresh products and do the job yourself, you save money and get freshly cut foods.

3. Use the freezer

With freezing food boxes and foods, you extend their lifespan and minimize the risk of having to throw food unnecessarily, so fill in the freezer the next time you peek into the fridge.

4. Eat according to season

Keep track of when different vegetables and raw materials have their season, as it is visible in the price. Not only is it a better choice for your wallet, but also for the environment if you choose more elaborate options.

5. Do not throw away food

A lot of food is wasted if it is thrown away as soon as it gets a little tired. We throw many kilos of food per person on average, every year. Take advantage of everything you spend on money and avoid buying new ones by regularly checking what’s in the fridge, freezing leftovers, and taking advantage of vegetables in several of your dishes during the week.

6. Bring a lunch box to work

With the lunch box, you can quickly save a considerable amount of money and easily save on leftovers. By cooking large portions at home whilst cooking, can also save time in the kitchen and get more food boxes for the week.

7. Make your own bread

If you have the time and energy, you can save a lot of money by baking your own bread or growing vegetables and herbs at home. In addition to saving money, you also get high quality of your homegrown and homemade products, which lacks all the additives found in many foods in the grocery store.

8. Prepare from scratch

What you spend on time saves you money. By cooking dishes from the ground up rather than relying on semi-finished products, you can save a lot of money and also get food that is of a higher quality and is simply a little better.

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