How to Find Good Restaurants During Vacations

Finding good and interesting restaurants on your vacation and holiday is an important part of the holiday for many.

But how do you avoid the tourist traps and find really good restaurants on the trip?

Use Guide Michelin

Guide Michelin is available on the web and is easily accessible. It is a perfect site for finding good restaurants. There are star bars with one, two, or three stars, but you can also find the bars that have been rated “Bib Gourmand” and “The plate”. The latter need not be expensive but are middle-class nooks. If you’re going to a city that Guide Michelin has included in its guide, this is our best tip for finding good restaurants during vacation and when traveling abroad. You can find the Michelin guide online on their website.

Use Tripadvisor

In several cities, there are no restaurants that the Guide Michelin recommends. The city may also be so small for Guide Michelin to prioritize going there. Tripadvisor is then a great help for finding great restaurants according to recommendations by other uses. Many times, you will find real gems on Tripadvisor, and the odds of finding such is substantially higher on Tripadvisor than on Guide Michelin.

Tripadvisor is not completely reliable, but overall trustworthy. The catch is, for example, that restaurants may bribe guests in return for a positive review and rating. Take the grades with a pinch of salt. Don’t forget to read the negative reviews so you can get a nuanced picture.

Ask the restaurant staff

Often, restaurant staff and bartenders have a good idea of which restaurants are the most popular at the moment and which new restaurants are most talked about – something that is not captured in either Michelin Guide or Tripadvisor. A tip is, therefore, to ask employees at restaurants that you eat at what other restaurants they recommend in the area.

Ask friends for tips

Asking friends about restaurant tips when traveling to a new city can be good, given that these friends have done a really good research before their trip. It also requires that you like the same type of restaurants as the friends you ask for advice. Furthermore, it also requires that they have been to the place where you are going (unless they just like to do a lot of research).

Are they looking for fine-dining, interesting street-food, vegan restaurants, or cheap restaurants with large portions?


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