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5 Ways to Enjoy Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Did you know dark chocolate dates back to 2000 B.C.? It was ranked as a fermented beverage mixed with wines or spices before it was enjoyed as a snack or an ingredient in some foods and pastries.

Cacao seeds are used to make dark chocolate. During production, the cacao seeds are removed from the pod, fermented, dried from the fermentation process, and then roasted. The cocoa nibs are then crushed into a fluid called chocolate liquor after removing the cocoa bean shells.

The liquor is then further refined to produce chocolate. Dark chocolate commonly contains almost 90% of cocoa, with a minimum of 50%. Some dark chocolate also contains a bit of milk, especially the low-quality ones, as dark chocolate and milk chocolate are usually processed in the same machines in factories. 

If you want to cut out on your sugar intake and try dark chocolate but are having a hard time due to its bitterness, here are some ways to enjoy it.

Sweeten It with Honey

You can use honey to sweeten your dark chocolate. Honey is a natural sweetener produced by bees and can be stored for eternity. It is a healthy sweetener obtained from beehives. For accessibility, the Beekeeping industry maintains bee colonies through artificial beehives to harvest a massive volume of honey easily.

One notable recipe to make with dark chocolate and honey is bonbons. You will need bonbon molds, a bench scraper, dark chocolate, honey, and your preferred ganache. Start by melting the dark chocolate in the microwave, then drizzle in honey to your liking. 

Adjust the amount of honey to suit your taste. Pour the mixture into the bonbon molds and distribute it evenly. Use a bench scraper to remove excess chocolate from the molds. Then, place the molds in the freezer for 10 minutes to set. Fill the molds with your chosen ganache. 

Finally, cover or top the molds with tempered chocolate and scrape any excess. Allow the bonbons to cool and set before serving. Store them in an airtight container at room temperature.

Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, and Nuts

Another healthy way to enjoy dark chocolate is to pair it with strawberries and nuts. The first thing you need to do is to melt the dark chocolate in a microwave. Then you can drip the strawberry into the melted chocolate then sprinkle it with nuts. Any nuts available to you are fine, but it’s best served with walnuts or hazelnuts.

Since this simple recipe is fun to make and can be enjoyed among friends and family, it is also suitable for the kids, as it provides healthy benefits.

Make Banana Pops

Another healthy way to enjoy dark chocolate is to incorporate it with another fruit, a banana. To make a banana pop, cut it in half crosswise, insert a popsicle stick into each half piece, and then freeze it in the freezer for about 3 hours wrapped in plastic. 

Melt the dark chocolate, get the frozen banana into the freezer, and dip it in the melted chocolate. You can then sprinkle or roll it with crushed peanuts for added taste. Place it on a tray covered in wax paper and then serve it to your guests, family, and friends.  

Use It As An Ingredient On Pastries

It is not a new idea, but another way to enjoy chocolate is to use it as an ingredient in pastries. Dark chocolate is a versatile and delicious ingredient used in various ways to enhance pastries. If you have the time and enjoy baking, you can use it on tarts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. 

Rather than using milk chocolate as an ingredient, you can opt for dark chocolate as a healthier option.  

Slowly Introduce Dark Chocolate into Your Taste Buds

You can also enjoy dark chocolate as it is. If you want to start eating dark chocolate but are used to milk or white chocolate, it’s best to introduce your taste buds to its bitterness slowly. So, instead of making an abrupt switch, start by eating dark chocolate in small amounts.

You can start with dark chocolate that contains less than 50% of cocoa and with a bitter taste that you can tolerate. Take your time tasting and eating it for a few weeks to let yourself get used to its bitterness. And then you can slowly up your game by upgrading to dark chocolate with 10% higher cocoa content. You’ll just have to repeat this process until you can enjoy dark chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa.

Opt For A Higher Quality of Dark Chocolate

Not all dark chocolates are created equal. Depending on the brand, the quality of the dark chocolate may vary. Choosing dark chocolate from pure organic cacao is best for better quality and taste. 

This way, it can provide the taste of cacao and is also full of antioxidants to prevent cells from damaging. It is also high in minerals, including but not limited to magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and calcium.

To Wrap it Up!

There are many ways to enjoy dark chocolate. In this article, we have shown a few you can start on. You can use the info provided to start incorporating dark chocolate into your life in an enjoyable way.

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