Monday, April 22

Are you looking to sell food products online or locally? A product datafeed ensures new customers

What is a product datafeed? For example, if you run a business that sells food products, it is a great advantage if potential customers can find your company. Here, a product datafeed is an important tool, as it creates a bridge between your business catalog and the catalogs that can be found on, for example, Google.

With a product datafeed, you can thus generate additional sales for your business. As more and more people research products through the internet, it’s important to be visible on search engines. A product datafeed is the standardized way to do this, and thus also the way you can ensure that you are sending the right data to the search engines.

The Internet is the new marketplace

Many customers find their goods locally through Google. When they search for “salmon store” or “vegetable shop” Google will offer them a selection of local stores where the goods can be purchased. If your business is also to be noticed in this context, it is important to develop a good product datafeed. Otherwise, potential customers are more likely to be directed to other stores.

Due to the vast number of businesses in the market, you cannot simply send an email to Google or Pricerunner with information about your products. This is precisely why it has been standardized through a product datafeed, so there is a common language for how goods are categorized on the internet. This is what makes a product datafeed so important, as it will ensure your visibility across multiple platforms.

Become part of the listing on Google

An important element is for example Google product feed categories. When developing your product datafeed, it is therefore important to keep an eye on the requirements set by Google, so that your products can be integrated therein. Google has its own taxonomy, which means they have a set of established product categories that you must also categorize your own products under. This ensures that people get consistent search results when they use the search engine.

With a service like WakeupData, you can ensure that you comply with the correct taxonomy and categorization when developing a product datafeed.

With the tools that WakeupData offers, you can thus be sure that your product datafeed is not prevented by a technical formality that does not meet the standard. This brings you one step closer to achieving much greater visibility on the internet and thus a larger customer base.

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