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How to Prevent Stomach Flu on Holiday

Avoid stomach ailments! – take care of your stomach during the holidays. Every year, millions of people travel abroad to take part in and experience other cultures. However, many may also take part in something completely different and less desirable, the bacterial culture in other countries.

Ever heard of the terms “Dehli Belly” or “Montezuma’s revenge”? Having any of these during vacation requires a toilet not too many meters away. When we travel abroad, our stomachs can sometimes get a huge shock.

Firstly, be sure to prepare your stomach for a different bacterial flora than the one you are used to before the trip. Probiotics normalize the intestinal flora and can help prevent the onset of tourist diarrhea and treat acute symptoms.

It may also be good to take Dukoral, which is a drinkable vaccine against cholera, but which also has an effect on tourist diarrhea.

The stomach is a sensitive organ in the body that receives many different bacterial cultures already at home. As we travel abroad increasingly, the stomach also faces a challenge in taking care of new bacteria. Let the stomach also take a vacation by following simple advice and preventing tourist diarrhea already at home.

What to think about during vacation and holiday to prevent stomach flu

The locals are usually naturally accustomed to their food and their bacterial culture and therefore it can be difficult for a tourist to get help with what is “good” and “not good” for the stomach. And of course, you want to test many of the local delicacies yourself. What are available are some handy tips on how to avoid getting a stomach ache during your vacation:

  • Make sure water and ice come from “purified water”. That is bottled water and ice from ice machines that have clean water.
  • Wash and peel fruit before eating it. Keep in mind that the water should be clean.
  • Be careful with ice cream and ice.
  • Avoid seafood if you can or don’t know if it is cooked properly as it can easily cause stomach upset.
  • Popular eatery = good quality. A simple but proven measure is to see if the restaurant is well-visited, then hopefully you can get a clue that the restaurant manages hygiene and cooking.
  • Wash your hands. It is never wrong to wash your hands before eating and especially if you are traveling with children who are everywhere with their small hands and are happy to bring the bacteria to the dining table.

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