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Tips to Cover Your Wall With Food Artwork

“There is no more sincere love than the love for food”. It’s true as the bond with food is eternal. And if you’re a foodie, then you can incorporate this fun theme in interesting ways. Whether it’s for your room, kitchen, dining room, cafe, or any special place, the food wall arts look cheerful. 

In addition, they increase appetite and upgrade your decor. So, create a light and happy mood with fantastic food theme artwork. Then, keep reading to explore all the ideas.

Try Artistic Food art Typography

You may have noticed large black walls with food typography on cafe walls. Well, it’s not as tough as it seems. You just have to paint the wall black and use white paint to write food quotes and food caricatures in pretty calligraphy. Draw simple figures of food, and wow, your accent wall is ready.

Mix and Match to Create Grid

There’s something about the grid that brings a wow factor to the walls. So, create a grid with four or six canvases or paintings. Pick a canvas with witty food quotes and pictures of fruit or burgers. It goes well in cafe nooks, dining rooms, and kitchen walls. 

One Statement Piece

Sometimes one statement piece is enough to depict your love for food. Make sure the wall art covers 60 to 75% of your large blank wall. The sizable pieces can be observed from a distance and look glorious. So, pick a large canvas having illustrations of food like spices or some magnificent quotes.

The best part is canvases are lightweight, durable, and look very premium. Explore food wall art design with illustrations of yummy food to perfectly layer and texture your walls.

Subtle Print Wallpapers

Do you want a quick makeover? Then, wallpapers are for you. The range is extensive as they are available in all patterns, colors, and qualities. Wallpapers with radiant colors and minimalist food art look so graceful. Opt for wallpapers having small figures of your favorite food.

Expressive Wall stickers

Give a handwritten effect to your wall with wall stickers. They are available in all sizes and colors. So, go for the words “FOOD”, “PIZZA ”, OR “COFFEE”. Also, they are available in all food shapes. Paste them diligently in your favorite wall. 

Print Directly on Walls

Wall prints directly on an existing palette are a great way of bringing patterns and color to the wall. Stamps in the shape of various foods and letters are readily available. Now, dip these stamps on your favorite color paint. Directly stamp on the wall. This looks super artistic and cool.

Go big With Murals

Go big or go home. Bring the street style mural to your place with food theme artwork. You can hire an artist or do it yourself. For example,  create graffiti or make murals of food, quotes, and some sarcastic lines. Murals with people eating out in cozy cafes and many complicated illustrations also look very grand. It simply changes the look of your place and works as a great backdrop for picture sessions.

Customize With Photos

As a food-loving person, you may have clicked on your favorite dishes. So, a very easy way to add personalization is to photo print these photos of food. Take out polaroid or poster prints. Hang them or use a backdrop to paste them. Accessorize them with lights and cardboard word cutouts of words like” FOOD” or “YUMMY”. It looks so out of the box and interesting.

Go for Posters

The poster looks back and gives a 90s feel to the decor. So, print or buy posters with sassy foodies lines or pictures of food. Create a grid or hang a single piece. It always looks good and is very eye-catching.

Food Theme Lights

Yes, you read right. Ditch the usual lights and go for string lights in the shape of pineapple, carrots, and cakes. These string flights are almost available in all food and dish shapes. It looks so cute and innovative. 

Food Style Bulletin Board

As a bulletin board, a large cutout of pizza, burger, and your favorite fruits looks so crazy and attractive. One can opt for any food, size, and color. Then, pin up your to-do list, grocery list, and all to-do tasks on it. Such innovative food wall arts will truly depict your zest for food.

Creative String art

This is a very food art that requires precision and dedication. The string art is made by using different color threads and knotting them around small nails. For example, create an apple, burger, mango, or anything you like. It looks so neat and delicate. You can buy it easily online. Make your place interesting with the food wall art.

Recipes Clipboard

This is a very easy yet very thoughtful artwork. Paste a photo of your food on paper and write down its recipes beneath it. Now hang this attractive paper on a clipboard. Likewise, hang multiple clipboards on the wall. It’s very informative and looks cute.

Wall Clocks

Ditch the usual wall clocks and hang food-inspired wall clocks. The backdrop of the wall clock has some foodie lines or food pictures. This small food art looks unique and good.

Let’s Wrap it

So, start with your food wall art decor as the options are numerous. Pick your favorite ideas from above and bring the inner food-loving person out. You can subtly divide the ideas into all your rooms, cafes, or eating areas. The food always makes everyone happy, and these cute wall decor ideas will only increase your appetite and bring happy vibes. So, read out all the ideas and let us know what more to add.

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