Why Spicy Food is Good for You

Many who try to eat healthier reduce sugar and fat in the diet. But one detail many misses is that you can replace the sweet and greasy with strong spices. Partly for the sake of taste, because you get a completely different relationship to dishes that taste something specific and distinct. Partly for health reasons, because spicy foods have some positive effects. Therefore, it is good to eat spicy foods.

Much of the food that you overeat is rather tasteless. That is why you can eat so much. Some overweight people have just as delicate taste buds as infants and prefer foods that aren’t too hot or spicy. Instead, you add lots of cream or fat or disturb the amount of sugar to be satisfied with the food.

Some spice habits come from home. It easily happens that you will find it hard to estimate spicy foods. The taste buds practice a certain behavior. That is why our tongue beats back the first time we eat really spicy food unless we are born with it. But you can get used to new flavors!

Health benefits of spices

  • Garlic, cayenne, chili, and strong mustard raise the body’s temperature and energy consumption.
  • Piperine, one of the substances in pepper, is said to stimulate the stomach to absorb more important nutrients to a greater extent so that they can be better utilized by the body.
  • Mustard is a gastric juice stimulant and is said to speed up the intestine, which is good if you are sluggish in the stomach.
  • Cardamom is sometimes used to treat stomach upset.
  • Cinnamon is said to lower blood sugar and improve blood fats in diabetics.
  • Fennel contains anethole which stimulates digestion.
  • Chili contains important antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Chili is the plant that contains the highest vitamin A content.
  • Spicy foods prevent you from eating too much and too fast.
  • When eating red pepper, the adrenaline in the body rises. Adrenaline has a generally increasing effect on metabolism and leads to high blood pressure, sweating, and high heart rate, which together causes the metabolism to increase.
  • Food that is seasoned with ginger gives higher incineration than uncooked food.
  • Lemon in the food makes you crave and slow down eating. In other words, you don’t eat as much if the food has some splash of lemon in it.

Update your spice pantry

  • Clear away spicy spices (which also contain a lot of additives, glutamate, sugar, palm oil, and more) like general spice, ketchup, Barbecue spice, vanilla sugar.
  • Buy home flavored cereal with chili, tabasco, vanilla powder, cardamom, cinnamon, sambal oelek, lemon pepper, Japanese soy, black pepper, dijon mustard.
  • Invest in fresh spices like ginger, rosemary, basil, and always have lemon and lime at home, can be used for almost anything! Fresh chili is also good. If you want sweetness, honey is good.
  • Nuts provide fine edge and crunch to many dishes. Either in natural form or roasted. You lightly roast them in the frying pan without grease. Just pine nuts are the top for salads or root vegetables!

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