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How to Choose a Reliable Sushi Machine for Commercial Restaurants

If you want to open a Japanese restaurant or even an Oriental segment in a commercial restaurant, you will want to have a sushi counter. Sushi is a prevalent dish, and it is also considered very healthy and nutritious because of seaweeds, fish, rice, and vegetables.

Sushi is low in calories but is yet very filling, so health enthusiasts prefer them a lot. It is best to have a reliable sushi machine in commercial restaurants rather than rolling them manually because the demand for sushis can be very high during peak hours. Here are some ways to choose a reliable sushi machine.

1. The Credibility of the Manufacturer

It is best if you choose a sushi machine made by a Japanese manufacturer. Sushi is native to Japan, and they know the best way of making them. They know how to make sushi machines that will replicate the original, handmade ones to the extent possible. Check out online reviews and so that you know that they have ample experience in making sushi machines. Go through the client feedback and what the customers have to say about the sushi made in these machines.

2. Compare Different Varieties of Machine 

To understand which sushi machine is the best one for your commercial restaurant, you must also know about the different kinds of sushi first. Nigri is the more traditional sushi. It is a rice ball topped with some form of seafood. Maki sushi, on the other hand, is the variety we are most used to.

It is rolled sushi, containing rice, seafood, seaweed, and also sometimes vegetables. You must check the various models of sushi machines and the various modes of function to make as many varieties as possible from the cuisine. A versatile machine will let you make at least three to four varieties.

3. Check the Costs

Like every other commodity, a sushi machine’s cost will also depend on its quality and efficiency. Some devices are semi-automatic, automatic, and some are controlled manually. The level of technology determines the price point. On the other hand, the rate of producing sushi will also determine the costs in most cases. If you are looking forward to feeding a large group of people in a short period, you must invest in a high-producing sushi machine.

4. Certifications

The sushi machine you choose for your commercial restaurant should meet your state’s regulations and equipment standards. You cannot opt for a machine that does not comply with rules regarding the kind of equipment used in a restaurant. The machine should also be certified, have a warranty, and not be deemed hazardous in any way, like using open flames. Or else, you might not be allowed to use the machine in your restaurant. If there are any permits that have to be issued or renewed, make sure you acquire them timely.

By putting some careful thought and attention into your purchase, you will be able to purchase the perfect sushi machine for your commercial restaurant. It is undoubtedly going to increase your restaurant’s profits as well as add to its reputation.

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