Saturday, June 15

What is Gastronomy?

Gastronomy is about how we perceive tastes. A gastronomic experience should bring satisfaction, enjoyment, and meaning into existence.

Taste is about more than what we experience with our senses. It is also based on experiences from the environment we have been staying in or staying in before. Through food, we can mark our cultural class and social status. A gastronomic experience can be interpreted differently by different people.

Gastronomic method development

The meal experience is affected by the situation and the environment in which it is enjoyed. Food and drink taste can be assessed in different ways from consumers’ perspectives in combination with how the product has been cultivated and processed before it is consumed.

Collecting information from consumers about the products’ and dishes and how they are properties makes it possible to effectively develop food and meals that consumers are willing to pay more for, and which hold a higher quality.

This also provides an opportunity for a wide range of products aimed at different consumers. Thus, gastronomic method development can be about creating tools for growers, processors, chefs, and others to work on building their value in their products by having taste and fragrance experiences in mind.

Gastronomic characteristics describe how food tastes. It may also be about the farmer, chef, or consumer’s description of a product. The description can be related to the taste experience through information about the specific product. For example, how it is manufactured or what it is for breed or species on an animal.

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