Saturday, June 15

Food in Different Cultures

Everyone knows what food is, but in order to establish an exact definition, it is whatever living organisms can take, either for nutrition or for pleasure. Food has many different functions for humans and it is not only that it is important for our survival. Food is something that also fulfills a cultural and social function that can be very important.

In principle, all cultures and countries have different types of food that are particularly representative of them. For example, India is very well known for its incredibly strong food, the UK is known for its Fish’n’chips, Japan is known for being the creator of sushi, and so on.

But it is not only the countries that have different types of food such, but also many religions. Food can be a very typical characteristic of different religions because it is usually consumed during different religious events or celebrations. To take Christianity as an example, they usually have wine and bread for communion, as it represents Jesus’ body and blood.

There are really millions of different types of food. It is important to think about your health and not to stop eating too much unnecessary food because there is plenty on the market. It is important to think about the environment when buying food because much of the food that is grown and produced today is done in a way that is very harmful to the environment. It is also worth thinking about food from an economic perspective as well.

Unfortunately, this world is not quite fair and in the poorer countries, how many people die of starvation, while many of the people living in richer countries die of obesity. In this way, this world is skewed and the people who have food on the table and can eat until they are saturated should really be grateful.

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