Monday, April 22

A Guide to French Cuisine and Dishes

Hardly any country in the world is as famous for its food as France is.

When it comes to food culture, there are very few, if any, countries that can compete with France. They are known for using as much as it can of just the finest and freshest ingredients they can come across and for their sophisticated cooking methods.

The only ones who may still consider that France is not perfect when it comes to cooking may be vegetarians or vegans. It is quite unusual with vegetarians and vegans in France and therefore the supply is quite narrow. However, more and more alternatives have begun to emerge as the trend grows.

If you travel through the country you will soon discover that the dishes differ a great deal between the different regions. If you want to get the most “French” food and taste their authentic home cooking, you should try to be north.

In the south, you can clearly see influences recorded from North Africa and Italy. In general, however, French cuisine extends to a variety of types of food. It consumes both lamb, ham, steak, seafood, and vegetables.

Baguettes and croissants are extremely typical of France. The French also eat a lot of these goods. They also call the country the “country of cheeses”. Nearly 500 different cheeses are made, mainly on goat’s or cow’s milk. It is quite common for the cheese to be served when the food that has been served at lunches or dinners has been eaten. You get it before the dessert comes in. You eat it most preferably cut into thicker slices. Either you put them on a piece of bread or on a biscuit, or else you just eat them as they are. Fruits along with the cheese are also common. Mainly pear.

The French also eat a lot of special dishes. Omelette, Crepes, Creme Brulée, Snails, and Chevré are just some of the dishes that are very specific to the country but here too it is about regional traditions and customs. In Normandy, for example, there is an enormous amount of seafood serving. Molues á la créme is a special dish that can be found in the restaurants here. You then get mussels dipped in a cream sauce that has been laced with cider.

Boeuf bourguignon is a specialty found in Burgundy and if you are in southwestern France you will certainly be able to come across high-quality truffles. Duck and duck liver are also common delicacies – paté de foie gras.

Also, don’t forget that the chocolates in France and the wine are magnificent as well. French wines are appreciated and famous all around the world.

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