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What is an Argentinian Style Grill and Why is it So Good

There’s a style of grill design coming from South America, which is taking the US grill market by storm. Its adjustable grill greats heighten the cook’s ability to control the cooking temperature precisely, while also allowing for a flipping motion of the grate, entirely removing the need for utensils like spatulas.

The Argentinian or gaucho-style grill has a distinctive look – it has a movable arm that allows the cook to flip the grill gates 180 degrees. This sort of invention not only provides an easy way of flipping a large number of meats at the same time but also provides supreme temperature control.

Grills like the Smart Flip Grill combine the portability of a small tailgating grill, and the adjustability and control, flipping options of the gaucho grill.

What is so Special About this Style of Grill

Many things make these types of grills stand out. The first thing is its ability to lower or heighten the grill grate compared to the charcoal pit.

There’s no manual labor besides the use of your arm to pull a lever down or upward to adjust the height of the grill. You don’t get smoke in your eyes while staring at the meats and flipping them over with a spatula – the flipping is done for you.

These grills generally fall into the premium price range as they do allow for far more control and usability for different sorts of grilling. They are suitable for slow cooking, smoking, and even high-heat cooking of meats.

Due to the adjustable height of the great, the consumer can easily control the heat based on the “smoke point” of each meat and its contained fats. Beef and pork have a higher smoke point when related to salmon or turkey which don’t have as much fat per gram.

Standard grills have to be adjusted in a different way – heat management is a lot more difficult with non-adjustable grills. There coals and airflow play a vital role in heat retention and fuel use.

Their placement under the grates will create a micro-climate that when controlled, can achieve the desired results. These sorts of nuances are a lot easier to control with a smart flip-flop grill like the Smart Flip Grill from

What are Some Other Variations of Grills

There are portable flip grills that measure up to 26 inches in width on the grate side. They are ideal for transportation, camping, traveling, and tailgating during sports events.

There are wheel-based gaucho grills that have a higher adjustable arm and a slanted grate for full temperature control. They don’t flip, however, they can adjust the angle of the frame to create hotter and colder cooking zones for flank and porterhouse steaks.

There are also built-in flip grills which are the largest in size – up to 36 inches in width – those can most commonly be seen in professional restaurants around the Southern States, California, and South and Central America.

Their main use is the cooking of large amounts of meats requiring different temperatures to properly grill. They can get quite hot, up to 500F of sustainable temperature – ideal for cooking hardier meats that require more heat to loosen up.

Safety and Usability of This Type of Grill

These grills are considered to be quite safe for usage in your backyard, however, depending on the flipping or lowering mechanism, there can be some user caution when being operated.

Since most common grills don’t have movable parts (or as many) they are easier to maintain, however, the reduced usability does affect overall user experience and cooking flexibility.

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