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5 Educational Cartoons You Should Watch

As parents, we tend to be very concerned about the content of the cartoons our kids spend time watching. We tend to think in terms of morality and vulgarity. Because children are products of what they frequently see, it is an important subject to pay close attention to.

Furthermore, some parents believe that cartoons are only for giving parents a break and waste time. They cannot think of how cartoons can be beneficial for kids.

In reality, some cartoons are specifically made for kids to grow and learn positively. These cartoons can help them learn about various subjects while also helping them develop good character. Without further ado, here are 5 educational cartoons that kids will enjoy watching:

1. Sesame Street

This children’s show has influenced generations, many of whom are now parents. It also ranks as one of the most educational cartoons ever produced. However, this show includes more than just intriguing characters and memorable scenes – you might need to watch it yourself.

A study found that kids between the ages of three to five who watched this show had a broader vocabulary by high school. Furthermore, children who grew up watching Sesame Street performed better in science and were voracious readers. Their friends also recognized them as creative people.

Kids find it appealing because of the cute characters and catchy melodies. The cartoon gets kids up and dancing to the day’s letter and figure counting song. The show also educates kids on topics like sharing and kindness.

2. Word Girl

This cartoon series is presented in a way that helps strengthen kids’ minds on various subjects. The main character exercises her vocabulary like a superpower in the show to outsmart the villain and save the day. This, in turn, helps children improve their vocabulary. This series not only broadens children’s vocabularies but also teaches children how to pronounce words properly. This is an extremely beneficial factor at this age. If your child asks you, “Momma, can I do my homework while seeing Word Girl?’ Your reply will be “Domyhomework123 can solve your homework online”. This is because you are not worried or bothered about watching the show because it helps your learning skills.

3. Number blocks

Number blocks are an excellent educational cartoon for children with short attention spans. The program is brief but fully packed with fun and easy learning methods. The cartoon emphasizes missing numbers, addition, and subtracting abilities. The blocks are colorful and interactive, and children will not realize how much time they spend watching the series.

4. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is one of the best cartoons for kids because it encourages adventure, problem-solving, puzzles, and language skills. Language is developed here, as the cartoon character speaks Spanish during the show.

There are various events and puzzles to solve in each show. While watching, kids are encouraged to participate and help solve the puzzles using available clues.

5. Word Party

Word Party is a show that uses puppets to produce digital animations in real-time, thereby giving a more lifelike cartoon. The episodes feature cute baby animals in diapers, and they improve kids’ vocabulary through engaging songs and brightly colored scenes. Word Party characters address children as “big kids” and include them in the fun party in numerous ways. Some of these ways are asking them for help learning new words and their meaning and using them to form sentences and communicate verbally.

The cartoon show encourages vocabulary development and builds positive emotional behavior like love and friendship. 


Regarding cartoons with various learning aids, there are little to no excuses for kids to learn anything. Cartoons are perfect for teachers working from home that use educational screen-sharing sessions for home learning platforms. They are also ideal for parents bent on encouraging learning from a young age. They provide the children with the necessary information while piquing their interests. Also, your kids wouldn’t always be eager to ask, “who can do my homework?” because these cartoons teach them hard work and also some class basics.

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