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6 Vaping Care and Maintenance Tips

Many people have accepted vaping as one of the top methods for nicotine delivery. It is not surprising as vaping presents a way for many people to enjoy nicotine without getting addicted or dealing with a series of health issues associated with other devices. 

As a result, the use of vape is on the rise. It is fun, classy, and less messy compared to other devices. In the long run as well, many believe it is less expensive than other nicotine delivery devices. However, your trick to enjoying the device is tied to your ability to maintain it.

Vape maintenance and care are pretty crucial to its longevity. It will ensure you get the best from the device and reduce the constant replacement of the gadget. This article will explore six practical tips to care for and maintain your device:

1. Avoid Sweetened e-liquid

One of the things that attracted people to vaping is the assorted e-juice that users can select. Not only that, sweetened vape juice abounds, and users can choose to enjoy it. However, sucralose is one of the ingredients in such vape juice. While you might love and enjoy this, it is an issue for your device as sucralose does not dissolve. Instead, it attachés to the coil to form a black crust. 

With time, this will lead to a burnt flavor for any vape juice you use, triggering more crust. As a result, you will have to deal with coil gunk. You can overcome this by staying away from vape juice with sweeteners or making your own. There is abundant high-quality vape juice with good ingredients that will not affect your device. 

2. Prime Your Coils

Priming the coil is essential for a new vape device. It helps ensure the device lasts longer and survives many years to come. Priming involves dipping the coil head inside the vape juice, especially where the vape juice and wick meet. You need this to avoid burnt hits and provide a smooth passage for the liquid to migrate to the coil. 

When you do this, take one or two dry hits without firing the device. This will help soak the wick with the juice. After all, power your device and vape. Ideally, you want to vape at low temperature and work your way up, provided you are using a variable wattage vaporizer. You can also Try moo synthetic eliquids to ensure you get the best from the device. 

3. Keep Your Coil Wet Always

One of the maintenance tips for your vape device is ensuring that the coil is constantly wet. Some proven tips to make this happen are:

  • Maintain a full tank: There is an opening beside your coil, which plays a significant role. It provides the channel for your ejuice. As a result, if the vape juice doesn’t cover the hole, it means the coil isn’t getting enough juice. Ensure to refill your tank before it completely dries if this is the case. 
  • After every puff you take, wait for a moment. You might see bubbles from the openings of the wick. However, there will not be bubbles when the wick is entirely soaked.
  • Operate at a low wattage, especially for people who delight in taking a long puff. When you vaporize too much liquid than what your coil can handle, it can dry out.

4. Clean Your Vape Device Regularly

Your device will last long only if you clean it regularly. With this, getting rid of all built-up residue from the device is essential. Luckily, cleaning agents exist in multitudes, and most are recommended to clean your device. Vodka and water are examples that you can soak your device with overnight. It will weaken any vape juice residue in the coil. 

After soaking, separate and rinse in warm water to dissolve the remaining residue; ensure to dry the coil for as long as possible to get rid of every particle of water in there. Assemble and prime the coil using some vape juice. Ensure you don’t vape with water present in the device as it could weaken your coil. Get rid of excess water from the device by swishing the coil around for a while. 

5. Avoid Dry Coils

Dry coil, especially when vaping, is one of the top reasons vape devices get damaged easily. This could be the aftermath of several things. When vaping, the temperature of the vape rises pretty quickly. There is a cotton wick that envelopes the coil, which can vaporize the whole ejuice. 

However, the pathway of the vape juice is from the tank to the wick first. As a result, the wick needs to be wet always. When you have dry coils, part of the cotton will be burnt, which will affect the taste of your flavor, giving you a dry hit. 

6. Take Care of Your Vape battery.

Ensure you are smart with the vape battery as well. Should you need to replace it, patronize trusted sellers and go for suitable choices only. Batteries are built with different capacities, so try and get something with the exact specification of your device. 

Also, prioritize a strong battery. It will help prevent the frustration of constant charging. Using your device on a low battery reduces the lifespan, so take note. Also, try not to use the device while charging. 


Taking care of your vape device will ensure you get the best from it. Also, it will stand the test of time. You will find these tips incredibly helpful in maintaining your vape device. 

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