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This Is How Social Media Is Impacting Your Life

Here’s a solid truth: if you find the best online dating sites, you will share them with your friends on social media. Why? Unconsciously, you feel that your lucky find is something other people should know. And you are not alone.

One of the social media impact facts is that 91% of the 3.78 billion social media users do so on their mobile devices. This has resulted from the desire many people have to share either entertaining or valuable information with others.

This social media impact on life is massive, and it is increasing daily with the extensive coverage of the internet and mobile device use. But many people don’t understand the gravity that social media impact has on defining, growing, and nurturing relationships through the internet.

So today, we embark on a journey to understand just how social media has impacted our entire world.

Social Media Impact On Society

Social media has garnered a significant impact on society. Now, at least a quarter of the world’s population is on Facebook. And this trend keeps growing as more and more people continue to indulge on the internet.

For instance, the social media impact during COVID skyrocketed since many people were deterred from physical interactions. As a result, many people increased the usage of the internet for necessities like shopping, work, and keeping in touch with friends and the world.

An increasing number of people connect with those they would term as their “tribe” on social media. Once they connect, they start sharing publications, memes, or any other information that they deem necessary to advance their social interaction or worldview.
This, in turn, has impacted how many people view politics, ethical, social, and environmental issues in the world. However, this massive increase in socialization has also resulted in some negative impacts.

Here are some of the social media impact examples, both positive and negative:

  • The internet has made it possible for family and friends to connect regardless of their distance or location on a real-time basis. This has helped to strengthen relationships regardless of the location.
  • It is also becoming much easier to meet new and influential people. For instance, you can meet a community of people who have battled depression, those who are willing to encourage you through similar struggles you share.
  • It is also becoming much easier to build skills through the internet since many professionals share the secrets to their craft at affordable prices.
  • Social media is also influencing political views. Donald Trump’s election is an excellent example of how the internet can influence the political aspect of human society.
  • Social media has also brought many societal issues like the gender pay gap, global warming and other significant problems which used to be kept secret.
  • But on the flipside, talking about these societal issues does not necessitate taking actual action. Therefore, the internet allows many individuals to create the perception that they are helping to solve these societal issues when, in fact, they contribute to the problems behind closed doors.
  • Lack of privacy is another social media impact on society that is significantly grave. It has resulted in other criminal activities like identity theft, misuse of information by big corporations, and stalking.
  • Another negative social media impact is the emergence of social bullies. Some severe cases have resulted in suicide or depression among bullied individuals.

Social Media Impact On Mental Health

One other social media impact that should raise concern is its effect on mental and emotional health. Let’s start with abuse as an example. “Freedom of speech” allows many people to attack others on the internet for the slightest comment or post.

Cyberbullying has especially become rampant among teenagers, with over 36% reporting they have experienced cyberbullying at one point in their young adult lives.

The act of spreading rumors about fellow schoolmates or neighbors to ruin reputations is especially a common practice. Some students even use this as a form of blackmail. In turn, this has led to an increase in loneliness and anxiety.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is also prevalent in teenagers and adults alike. FOMO has especially impacted consumerism, making it one of the ways social media impacts brands since companies use FOMO to market products and services.

Besides, many people are living a lie on social media. But their fancy lifestyles are believable. This makes the people that are missing out on having fun trips around the world experience anxiety. Also, body shaming and comparison is a big stimulator of anxiety and loneliness among females. This results in many people self-isolating from their friends and family.

Social Media Impact On Business

Social media’s impact on business is also evident in positive and negative magnitudes.

Positively, social media impact for brands has seen many organizations reaching audiences globally. This increases not just the loyal customer pool but also sales and revenue for many businesses.

Take the commerce industry as an example: eCommerce organizations now use social media to generate insights and entice demand for products to a targeted audience. But on the negative side, gathering negative social proof can cost a business its credibility, which is a huge risk in the business world.

Nonetheless, social media impact is also showing itself in the hiring, training, and development sectors of business. The professional social platform LinkedIn is an example of how the internet is expanding the reach of professionals who seek jobs in versatile job sectors.

Today, at least 19% of hiring managers will use social media to determine whether they will hire you or not. But this can equally be detrimental to your hiring opportunities if the hiring manager does not like something you said on your social platforms.


The social media impact is much more profound than you may realize. It is significantly changing the way people operate in all circles of life. Be it building professionals, hiring, training and development, education, or socialism, the impact of social media can no longer be ignored.

The trick now is to find ways to navigate the many negative threats that result from many people gaining access to the internet. With that in mind, please share with us how you navigate through the qualms of social media impact.

Davis is a marriage and family therapist. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings over the past 7 years providing services to children, adults, families, and couples. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves traveling and hiking.

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