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Questions to Ask for a Healthy Weight

In the recent years, people have become extremely sensible when it comes to their health choices. We simply don’t buy into all the claims and products that huge companies try to sell us. People have developed lots of diets and approaches to reaching the healthiest weight and well-being overall.

Though, the perfect weight for each one of us is unique, there are ways to determine the approximate number you’d want to see on the scale.


We respect the body positive movement and support the idea that everyone must be treated with respect. Though, being at weight that puts you into the risk zone of numerous diseases is extremely hazardous. Being overweight put a lot of pressure on our whole body. Knees and heart are the ones that are being affected in the first place. 

Also, it has been discovered that overweight patients who are being treated for serious illnesses (like cancer, heart diseases, etc.) are less likely to get cured.

By definition, being overweight means weighing higher than what’s considered a healthy weight for a given height. Usually, Body Mass Index, also known as BMI, is a tool that helps monitor overweight or obesity rates.

Always consult your doctor with the question of “How much weight should I lose?”.  Though, if you want to calculate the BMI on your own, reach for trusted online BMI calculator tools. The one I used to determine my healthy weight is BMI calculator and Weight Converter. Keep in mind that your weight isn’t always the determiner of your whole health condition, but weight problems can make you prone to certain illnesses and diseases.


We live in a society where people are used to seeing skinny girls on magazine covers. They’re also the ones who get the most likes and reposts on social media. That’s why we’re more scared to gain weight and feel thrilled to lose some pounds.

What we miss to realize is that being in healthy weight means to be neither overweight nor underweight.  Unfortunately, more and more women feel excited for the pounds to go away even if they’re at a healthy weight. 

Being too small can pose a lot of danger to the immune system of a person, weak bones, and low energy levels. If your BMI calculator shows a number lower than 18.5, you’re likely to underweight. To help with this, you can also find the Best kratom to use for focus.

The dangers of being underweight are:

  • Weak immune system
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Problems with fertility for women


It doesn’t matter whether your over- or underweight. The solutions tend to be similar. The key factors for reaching a healthy weight are:

  • Plenty of exercise. Exercise trains your body muscles, as well as the heart and the brain. It can only be beneficial.
  • Balanced diet. Having an adequate amount of nutrients, minerals, water, and fruit is key to normalizing your weight.
  • Reduced stress in your daily life. Leading a stressful lifestyle creates a lot of problems regarding skin health, body’s response, and so on. Also, it’s easier to eat your problems away when you’re getting too much stress in your life.
  • Being at a healthy state of mind. Last but not least, it is one of the most vital things you can do to yourself – to reach peace in your own mind and learn to love yourself the way you are.

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