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Top 9 Quick & Easy Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

As a busy person in the modern world, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to even find fifteen minutes of quality alone time, either to use productively by organizing your closet or computer files or else indulge in a much-needed and well-deserved piping hot bubble bath.

So too, then, it is sometimes hard to make time to dedicate to maintaining and improving both your emotional and physical levels of health and wellbeing. 

With this in mind, here, for your information and reading pleasure, are the top nine quick and easy life hacks to improve your health.

1. Drink More Water!

You will no doubt have heard this piece of advice time and time again and from every possible source: magazines, television, close friends, family members, and medical professionals.

However, this simple change to your daily diet can make substantial changes to your health. You could start small by switching your morning coffee for a glass of water, or at the very least, using coffee as your reward for having drunk a glass of water. 

Drinking more water has a host of benefits, including but in no way limited to:

  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Protecting joints
  • Bettering the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your cells
  • Aiding the digestive system
  • Preventing of constipation
  • Improving heart health
  • Flushing unwanted bacteria from your bladder

2. Eat More Vegetables!

Again, this simple tip is one you’ll no doubt have heard time and time again, but the truth is that eating more vegetables is easily the simplest yet most effective way of improving your physical, not to mention emotional health and wellbeing. 

Vegetables are fantastic for the smooth and trouble-free running of your body’s systems and can substantially improve the condition of your skin, reduce the risk of contracting serious illnesses, improve your eyesight, reduce the risk of heart disease, provide valuable fiber, and improve your blood pressure.

3. Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks!

People across the length and breadth of the United States and beyond seem to think that if they simply swop full-fat cans of soda but the low- or zero-calorie alternative of the same brand, they are saving themselves from the unhealthy soda whilst still experiencing the same taste.

However, diet sodas, although arguably not as bad as their full-fat relatives, are still not good for your body. 

Fizzy drinks are full of harmful acid, which can negatively affect your teeth, gums, lips, digestive system, and skin, as well as your stomach, bladder, and digestive tract. So, ditch the fizzy drinks now.

4. Start Drinking Green Tea!

The benefits to one’s health of introducing green tea into your daily routine are diverse and frankly astonishing, especially when you purchase your supplies of green tea from an established, reputable, and renowned retailer, such as 

Just a small selection of the proven benefits of drinking green tea include:

  • Improvement in cognitive brain function
  • Reduction in painful inflammation
  • Boost in burning fat and aiding weight loss
  • Protection for the brain from memory-based illnesses
  • Elimination of bad breath
  • Reduction in the risk of contracting some forms of cancer
  • Lower chance of contracting type 2 diabetes
  • Reduction in the risk of contracting heart disease

5. Order Your Weekly Grocery Shop Online

Modern technology certainly has a lot to answer for, and some of its effects have not been very positive, but one thing that has grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, is online shopping.

You will no doubt be aware of all the extra unhealthy and usually processed foodstuffs you shove into the cart when you are walking around the grocery store, but when ordering your groceries online, you are able to take a more measured and, therefore, healthier approach. 

6. Eat Lighter Breakfasts

Not only will the elimination of a daily fried breakfast certainly go towards lowering your blood pressure and reducing the chance of heart disease and type 2 diabetes but eating lighter breakfasts will also mean you feel substantially less lethargic when it comes to the middle of the morning.

If you work from home or have a lifestyle whereby there is no urgent rush out of the door in the mornings, eating a lighter breakfast will afford you the energy boost to crack on with your tasks and chores without needing a rest on the couch, a rest which will inevitably turn into a morning nap.

7. Get More Sleep!

On average, even though everyone is different, it is accepted that an adequate amount of sleep is between seven and eight hours every night,; any less and your body will start to feel the effects of lethargy and tiredness. Any more sleep and, well, the same symptoms will inevitably creep up on you. 

8. Make Stretching A Part Of Your Morning Routine

If you have a pet, whether that be a dog, rabbit, cat, or even budgie, you will observe that they regularly stretch their entire body; their backs, paws and claws, feathers, and limbs all benefit from full and thorough stretching regularly throughout the day. 

Stretching the body every morning as soon as you get out of bed will decrease the risk of injury, improve your overall performance in physical activities, increase the blood flow in your muscles, and make your joints more supple and fluid. 

9. Practice Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation is often associated with lycra-clad men and women sitting cross-legged on yoga mats, but meditation, especially at a beginner’s level, is actually surprisingly easy to learn and even more surprisingly, incredibly beneficial.

Even the simple act of lying on the floor with your head supported by a cushion, closing your eyes, and listening to instrumental music can help you to center your mind. Meditation is a fantastic way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, as well as being a discipline that has been proven to both improve low mood and increase feelings of happiness and contentment. 

There you have it: nine easy tips to help improve your health.

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