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Promotional Softshells, an effective marketing gift

Softshells are basically outdoor jackets or trousers which can be used for multiple purposes. They are made from fabric which is woven, contains a warm layer and provides a lot more comfort than other materials.

The material is water-resistant, extremely breathable, resists a lot of weather conditions, and long-lasting despite not being completely waterproof. Unlike hardshell or waterproof jackets which have a lining, they are made up of the collaboration of two layers of fabric. Softshells are a thing of regular use to adventure lovers but their usage isn’t limited to them. They are used by a wide range of people from all spheres of life due to their affordability and high utility.

Different types of Softshells

Softshell jackets come in two different styles: Stretch-Woven and Membrane. While a membrane softshell jacket does have a water protective barrier linked in between the layers of material, a stretch-woven softshell jacket has a water resistant coating throughout. Despite the water resistant material, neither of them are completely waterproof.

Stretch-woven softshells are more permeable than softshells with membranes and are preferred for physical activities like cycling or running. Membrane softshells are more appropriate for outdoor pursuits where you might require greater weather protection and may be a little heavier than stretch-woven choices.

Using Softshells as promotional gifts

Softshells may be considered as an effective promotional gift, to help the marketing aspect of an organisation. They offer a number of options for printing business messages or logos and artwork. Softshells are affordable yet effective marketing promotional gifts that are regularly utilised in marketing campaigns. Particularly if they are distributed as gifts or added to purchases, they are frequently warmly embraced and valued by the general public.

Adding to all of this is the fact that the average retaining time of a Softshell is expected to be quite long. If we compare the average life of a t-shirt to a softshell, we will see that the softshell is used and retained for a longer period of time. This helps the marketing of a company by sperading the message or logo of the company to the masses over a longer span of time. Hence, companies tend to invest in such sustainable strategies which make Softshells a very popular and preferred promotional gift. 


Factors to consider before choosing your promo Softshell

  • Durability and Utility

These two may be considered the two prime factors to note while choosing a promotional softshell. A durable softshell is expected to have a longer retaining time and hence will promote the artwork or the logo to the people over a longer span of time and a softshell with more utility will be used more frequently and will be presented before the eyes of the masses more frequently. Owing to this, the company branding or the logo is expected to be noticed by the people or the targetted audience much more frequently which in turn would fulfill the goal of the company much more effectively.

  • Colour

Colour also plays a significant role because it could benefit or harm your promotional efforts. While choosing a promotional softshell for advertising purposes, it is typically recommended to use the colours that are generally chosen and have a reputation of being well garnered as you want to achieve your marketing or advertising aims. According to surveys the most popular colours are the neutral ones like Grey, Black or White since they are widely used and regularly purchased by the general public. Your logo, advertising message or promotional artwork will contrast nicely against these subdued shades. These colours are also stylish, trendy, versatile, and easy to wear.

  • Weight

The weight or mass of a softshell is definitely an important factor to be noted before choosing one as a promotional gift. Softshells may come in a varied range of weights, ranging from 200gms – 500gms. The Water Resistant property of a softshell is a huge factor contributing to the overall weight of a softshell, the more water resistant a softshell jacket is the more it is expected to weigh. Lighter variants are preferred by trail runners and adventure sportspersons, but softshell jackets with weights ranging from 250gms – 400gms appear to be chosen by the most number of people within the masses, irrespective of the purpose. Hence, in order to choose a promotional softshell, it is best to select one whose weight lies within the range of 250gms – 400gms.

  • Other Factors

Some other factors to be kept in my mind are the trending style or fashion of softshells being chosen, an understanding of the group of targeted audience and obviously the price of each unit being purchased. The fashion aspect of softshells plays a major role, everyone wants to wear something trendy and cool, hence choosing a promotional softshell with an already appreciated style is something to look for.

Further, a choice of a promotional softshell targeted to popularize a Kids’ product should definitely be different from a softshell chosen to promote a Womens’ product. An understanding of your targeted group of people for promoting your product is thereby necessary to choose the perfect promotional softshell. Finally, the price of each marketing softshell must be also kept in mind such that the entire costing doesn’t exceed the allotted budget of the campaign.

Getting the graphics on your promotional softshell

Since the softshell is a Promotional one, displaying your intended message or company branding on it is an indispensable part. Graphics can be added to softshells mainly via Printing and Embroidery. These two are the most popular methods to get your desired graphics on your promotional softshell. It is therefore important to know about the types of softshells that are ideally suited to printing and embroidery before choosing the best promotional softshell as per your requirement.

Talking in general, embroidery should be chosen over printing in order to make the promotional message last longer. Softshells are supposed to be washed and reworn and in such cases, embroidery holds strong to display the message over a longer period of time. However, printing techniques also may be used since they are a cheaper and a quite good alternative and would probably come within the estimated budget.


Softshell jackets are definitely one of the most efficient promotional gifts just like t-shirts and other apparels. Also, an added advantage to promotional softshells is the high durability. It ensures that the softshell will be used over a prolonged period of time, everytime promoting the organization before the masses thereby fulfilling the goal of marketing as intended by the organization.

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