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How to Host the Perfect Wine Tasting at Home

It’s time to polish the wine glasses and break out the corkscrew! A wine tasting party is a fun way to gather friends together in your home and share a variety of vinos in a relaxed atmosphere.

While hosting, you want the evening to flow seamlessly as you move from one bottle to the next. Built-in 60cm wine coolers make it easy to reach below your countertop to pull out the next bottle, so you won’t miss a beat when it comes time to savour the next red or white.

Hosting Your Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties are best enjoyed by an intimate group of six to 10 guests; this is something to keep in mind while finalising your guest list. Regardless of which participants show up, remember that it’s the wine that’s the star of the show. There are a few different ways to organise your wine party. Let’s divulge.

Deciding on an assortment

If you’re passionate about wine and wish to share what you know with your friends, you may want to curate a special selection on your own. Another fun option is to choose a theme – pinot noir, for example – and invite each guest to bring a bottle for the tasting.

Deciding on a variety of wines of various colour categories, like the classic categories of red and white, allows you to expound on the differences between the wines and help guests improve their ability to describe wine.

Do your research

Depending on how deep you want to dive into the specifics of each bottle, you’ll want to do some research beforehand so you can be prepared to share notes on the wine’s region of origin and interesting facts about the winery it comes from. If your wine tasting party will be more casual overall, there’s no need to deliver a history lesson on the wine. Remember that any background that you bring to the table will help to bring context to what’s being tasted, so details are welcome and encouraged.

Serve and sip

The next step to a successful wine tasting party at your home is to ensure your selection is at the optimal temperature for serving. Paying attention to this detail will ensure that every available aroma and note is fully present for the tasting.

When serving, stick to three-ounce pours. This is plenty to allow each guest to note the tint, aroma and taste of each wine without becoming overwhelmed by the numerous varieties to try. If favourites have found their way into the conversation, it’s always okay to revisit those wines after the full tasting is complete.

Food and drink

When guiding guests through tasting a smattering of wines, consider the order in which they are offered. As a general rule, wine tastings are best organised in order of body, with the lightest, most mild-bodied wines at the beginning and the heaviest bodied wines at the end.

Between sips, it’s a good idea to have a few snacks at the ready to cleanse the pallet. Think of a charcuterie board, brought together by crackers and baguette slices, cheese, olives, nuts, jams, dried fruits and cured meats. A selection of food available to complement the wine is sure to keep your guests fully satisfied throughout the event.

Now that every element of your wine tasting has been considered, direct your attention to the rest of the party. Set the mood with music, unscented candles and decor if you really want to tie the event together. For an extra element of fun, organise wine-themed trivia to go along with each bottle as it is opened. Ultimately, it’s up to you how casual or fancy your wine tasting party is. Remember to give yourself space to embrace the experience of wine tasting along with your guests, and have fun in the process.

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