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Interesting Facts about Herbs and Spices

Humans have been using spices and herbs since ancient times. We have used them partly to spice up the food, and also because the spices had a healing ability. It also happened that in the past, food, and beverages that became too old were seasoned, they simply wanted to hide the unpleasant taste with different spices.

Now we know for sure that spices and herbs are extremely useful and healthy for us. Most spices are rich in antioxidants. They also contain important minerals, including magnesium, and it is said that the stronger a spice, the more magnesium is in it.

Magnesium is good for our muscles and for our nervous system. Useful super spices do good for the body and the mind.

You may not think that the spices are of any use when using so small quantities in cooking. But if you spice up your food so that it becomes so heavenly good, then you will feel good just by the taste experience itself. And since you eat every day, and spice up every time, you get in all those healthy spices your body can absorb. And if you have any favorite spice, you can really waste it.

Facts about spices and herbs

  • The biggest reason we spice up our food is to taste it. We want to try mixing different spices, see what fits together. We want to create exciting and good dishes. We can reduce the salt by seasoning more. It is said that we use far too much salt, which is not good for our bodies. Use spices instead.
  • Vary your base food by using different spices. For example, a simple pasta dish can be varied by seasoning with Mediterranean spices at one time, and next time with perhaps Indian spices.
  • Spices contain natural preservatives. If you season the food, it will last longer.
  • Spices speed up your digestion. When you eat spicy food, your saliva secretion increases, and this speeds up digestion.
  • Spices you use in especially pastries, prevent gases in the stomach. This includes anise and cumin.
  • Strong spices protect against parasites and bacteria. In warm countries such as Japan, wasabi is used to remove parasites in raw fish. India uses strong curry, which kills bacteria that otherwise propagate easily in the heat.
  • There are a number of spices that increase the burning of calories, including ginger and cayenne. Good if you want to lose weight to season a little extra with these.
  • Spices can improve and prevent various diseases. For example, if you have high blood sugar, it can be stabilized with cinnamon. Cayenne pepper speeds up the circulation in your body.
  • The body feels good with the right spices and herbs – One thing you can keep in mind is that if you are not used to spices you should start with small amounts. We are all different and some can withstand more spicy food while others are sensitive and do not need much. You simply have to try out what is right.
  • The best thing is to use fresh spices and herbs. They contain mostly vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial goodies. For example, sprinkling with fresh cilantro, parsley, or some other fresh delicious spice does not make the food just decorative, it also gives a good taste and makes it more useful.
  • Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves have warming properties.
  • Oregano, ginger, thyme, and other green leafy spices are great for beans, peas, sauces, and dressings.
  • Garlic, chives, and regular onions are good against bacteria and viruses.
  • Anise, fennel, and cumin fit well as bread spices, they also counteract gases in the stomach.
  • Counteract gases in connection with bean dishes make a ginger, coriander, and cumin.
  • Cayenne and garlic are warming and relieve good in the event of a cold.
  • Ginger, turmeric, and other curry mixes are perfect for prayer/lentil stews and for cooked dishes.
  • Fresh parsley and raw ginger make the salad fresh and tasty.
  • For your dressing, you can use thyme, parsley, cumin, rosemary, and of course basil.
  • With garlic, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne, you make healthy and refreshing smoothies.

When you buy spices you should preferably choose organic and requirements labeled, then you know that they are not sprayed with a lot of chemicals. You can also grow yourself, it’s fun to grow plants and watch them grow.

It is as good to grow in a pot in the window or on the balcony as it does in a garden. Spices are for the most part very grateful to grow.

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