Sunday, May 26

14 Great Cooking Tips From Star Chefs

There is no such thing as “being bad at cooking”. Anyone can become a great cook. You just need the right tips and tricks.

If you are not really good, just know a few simple tricks that will make it easier to cook good food. In this article, we show you 14 tips that are very useful that will help you cook delicious food like a professional chef.

1. Use frying pans in Teflon only to cook food that otherwise sticks to the frying pan: otherwise, it is better to use normal frying pans since the heat is better distributed then.
2. Use a Dutch oven –  a cast iron pot that gives a small smoky taste.
4. Before you whisk the eggs, squeeze the egg yolks with a fork: it will be easier to mix then!
5. Crack the egg against a flat surface instead of against an edge: the opening becomes manageable!
6. The cookie dough should be mixed manually and not with an electric whisk, so that the dough becomes sufficiently moist to give soft cakes!
7. Use sliced ​​butter instead of plain butter: it can be eaten by lactose-intolerant people, last longer and it does not release free radicals when heated.
8. When preparing a large piece of meat, try to hold it together with a string so that the warm air does not come in and the middle stays juicy.
9. If you cook in a frying pan where you already have fried eggs, the food will get less sticky.
10. Leave the rice in the saucepan for 10 minutes after you cook it.
11. Before you cook the rice, rinse it several times.
12. If you want to get uniform pieces of something that is not symmetrical then you should cut diagonally.
13. Add the spices during cooking and not afterward!
14. When you cook meat that requires a longer time in the oven, add herbs: it will smell delicious!
15. Before roasting minced meat, squeeze them slightly to remove the air. Also, make a small pit in the middle so that they do not deform.

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