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5 Things To Remember When Preparing For A BBQ Party

Organizing a barbeque party is a great way to create unforgettable summer memories with your family or friends! In Western countries like America, bbq parties are what they usually look forward to during the summer because of the tender, juicy, and mouth-watering bbq dishes. Not to mention, when you spend time cooking and eating bbq, it helps enhance one’s mood, especially with the smell of barbecued food. 

BBQ parties have been a common practice around the globe to create special dishes that will surely satisfy the taste buds! As a party planner, you want to serve the best grilled or smoked meats and entertain your guests. With that, here are some things you must keep in mind when preparing for a bbq party: 

Have The Essential BBQ Cooking Equipment 

There’s no grilling if there’s no griller. Same as there will be no smoked meat without having a barbeque smoker. Thus, before inviting guests to your party, ensure that you have every piece of equipment you need to make the event happen. 

Consider having some tongs, knives, spatulas, charcoal, skewers, and meat thermometer, and most especially, know what kind of equipment you want to use to cook your meat, whether it’s a griller or a smoker. 

Note that a smoker and a griller are two different ways of cooking meat for barbeque parties. Use a griller if you have small chicken, burger patties, fish, or steak cuts. They’re better cooked at a griller as the food will be cooked at high temperatures over direct heat to help release its yummy juices. In America, residents opt to grill more burger patties and hot dogs than other kinds of meat, saying that it’s an ideal meal for barbeque parties. 

On the other hand, a smoker would be essential in preparing large cuts of meats like briskets, jerky, or even ribs. Smoker cooks food at a low temperature through the smoke released from the heat source. Making it hassle-free as compared to grilling.

If you’ve ever been to Australia, you’ll notice that residents enjoy smoker bbq lamb chops, beef steaks, prawns, kangaroo meat, and more to help release more of its juicy flavor and cook it thoroughly. Thus, always consider the equipment and kind of barbecuing technique you want to use to ensure a tasty and yummy dish!

Prepare The Ingredients In Advance

To make a delicious barbeque, you must ensure that all the ingredients are ready. Thus, head to the nearest supermarket in your area and purchase the goods you need a day before or even hours before to ensure they’re fresh and new. 

Also, you don’t want your guests to wait for a very long time for their meals. So, prepare all side dishes ahead of time, and prepare the patties, lettuce, and other condiments you need. It would also help if you could chop your lettuce and tomatoes beforehand to save you more time. 

Organize Entertaining Games 

You can take your party to the next level by organizing games your guests will love! If you have adults that will bring their children with them, ensure that you have child-friendly games like giant Jenga, bubbles, and more! 

You can also arrange a few adult games that your guests could take part in. A game of Twister could be good, giant checkers, sack races, and so many more! Arranging outdoor games is more challenging and enjoyable if everyone joins, so choose games you think everyone will enjoy. 

Keep Bugs Away From Your Area 

Barbeque parties are usually held outdoors, typically in the backyard. Thus, there could be times when various kinds of insects may be attracted to the food you prepare. In that case, it may cause some disturbances for the griller and guests and even be the cause of food contamination.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you could help keep pests away. If you have trash bins around your area, ensure that you keep them covered. Keep your foods covered too. Drain any stagnant water and clean the area. Also, cut the grass in your backyard to prevent mosquitoes from hiding from it. Lastly, set up some electric fans as mosquitoes cannot fly towards areas where the wind is blowing. 

Ensure Safety 

Since a barbeque party often requires fire and coal, you must prioritize having safety equipment in case the worst-case scenario happens, and you suddenly start a big fire. There could be times that grillers may forget to check out the food they cook, or even mishandling the fire may cause death. 

So, keep some safety equipment near you in case of accidents, like a fire extinguisher, first aid kits, flashlights, and more. Lastly, know the emergency hotline numbers to contact so you can easily get professional help if you think you can’t handle fixing your emergency. 

Final Thoughts 

Throwing a bbq party is fun, but it also comes with numerous factors you must consider to ensure everything goes well. Such factors may include having the right food hygiene preparation, ensuring safety equipment is nearby, wearing proper apparel, and so many more. Thus, ensure that you’ve read the details stated above to guide you on successfully pulling off a bbq party anytime and anywhere. 

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