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A Guide to Puerto Rico Food Culture

Puerto Rico has an exciting food culture where traditional cuisine Cocina Criolla offers everything from street food to savory casseroles to vegetarian – and of course, national beverage rum. In Puerto Rico, there is a wide range of restaurants and bars – everything from traditional Puerto Rican dishes to a more modern Western-influenced cuisine.

Puerto Rico’s food culture is based on the indigenous people of Taino’s varied dishes and over the years influenced by both Spanish, African, and American cuisine. It is from this flavor mix that the Puerto Rican cuisine Cocina Criolla has grown. Cocina Criolla consists mostly of rice, beans, chicken, meat, and vegetables which are often used as a base. In cooking, Puerto Ricans usually use the spice Sofrito as mainly red and green cubanelle pepper, but also peppers, coriander, tomato, garlic and onions.

If you want to enjoy a true Puerto Rican breakfast, it is recommended to try Arroz con leche. It is reminiscent of rice porridge and served with milk or jam. Tortilla de Huevos, egg omelet, is also a great favorite, which can be combined with cheese, tomatoes, ham, and vegetables.

If you want to experience the Puerto Rican food culture, visit the smaller local “Hole-in-the-wall” restaurants and the many indigenous food trucks that are available. Puerto Rican street food is very popular and appreciated by many. Here, specialties are served such as Alcapurria, deep-fried food bananas filled with spiced meat or deep-fried fish. It is also served Pinchos, which is like kebabs stuffed with either meat, chicken, or shrimp.

During Puerto Rican dinners, the main course is usually served as an appetizer and a main course. Dinners usually consist of pots, pies, and meats. Don’t miss the Mofongo national dish, which consists of mashed flour bananas served either with vegetables, seafood, fish or meat. Another traditional dish worth trying is Asopao, a mixture of paella and soup.

For food, enjoy Puerto Rico’s national drink – Rome. You can drink rum in every shade, from light that is sweeter and softer in taste to darker, which is a more spicy and stronger variety. Puerto Rico is a world leader in rum production and the island is known for its rum production of Bacardi. Coffee lovers are recommended to try Puerto Rico’s flavorful and high-quality coffee where the coffee cultivation of Arabica beans takes place at the highest altitudes of the island. Dessert is a must where popular ingredients in Puerto Rican desserts include coconut milk, coconut, milk cream, cinnamon and sugar. Many desserts also consist of the fresh fruits found on the island such as papaya and mango. Popular desserts are Crème caramel, Besitos de Coco, and Coconut Dessert.

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