Saturday, February 24

Asian Chicken Soup Recipe

A delicious and colorful soup that you will be delighted with. Below is a recipe for a wonderful and tasty Asian chicken soup recipe.

Ingredients Asian Chicken Soup

  • 250 g, shredded Chicken breast fillet
  • 2 tsp Margarine liquid 80%
  • 1 piece, sliced Carrot
  • 100 g mushrooms
  • 2, yellow  sliced Onions
  • 150 g, divided Baby corn
  • 2 tsp, 1-3 tsp Sambal oelek
  • 1 tablespoon Sugar
  • 4 dl chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon Fish sauce (oriental)
  • 4 dl, max 6% Coconut milk, light
  • 1 tablespoon pressed juice from a Lime
  • 1 tbsp, fresh, shredded Coriander

How to prepare

Heat the margarine in a spacious saucepan, fry chicken and vegetables for a minute. Add sambal and sugar and let it simmer for another 30 seconds. Beat in broth, fish sauce, and coconut milk, let it cook without lid for about 12 minutes or until chicken and vegetables are ready. Taste off with lime, sambal salt, and pepper. Serve the soup in hot plates and sprinkle with coriander. Tip! Replace coriander to leaf parsley.

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