Friday, October 1

Guide to French Food Culture

French food can be very varied. Here there are both classic dishes and more modern ones, as well as simple and difficult meals to cook. Baguette, snails, cheese and wine in all honor, but the fact is that French cuisine has much more to offer, not least in the capital Paris.

The classic French cuisine

You’ve probably heard of the classic French cuisine. This is something that many chefs learn more about during their education and which kitchens in other countries have been inspired by. For the most part, classic French cuisine includes traditional dishes that are not infrequently rich in cream and sauces of various kinds. Wine is often used for this. Nouvelle cuisine is the opposite of this and means new (modern) cuisine.

Haute cuisine offers satisfying and sophisticated meals

Haute cuisine, also known as cuisine bourgeoise, is sophisticated French-style cuisine. Here the food is displayed in an elegant way on beautiful plates. Great emphasis is placed on exclusive and good ingredients and cream, which means that the dishes can be quite heavy. Instead, for simpler dishes, nouvelle cuisine is recommended, which focuses more on seasonal produce and fewer thick sauces.

Whatever you like to eat, you can most likely find something to suit your taste in French cuisine. Here there are both heavy and rich dishes as well as lighter and more elegant ones. Seafood, such as mussels, is common, as are fish and meat. Choose a good wine to suit the meal to complete the French experience of the dish.

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