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5 Ways to Stimulate appetite

Hunger is a natural phenomenon that alerts you when it is time to refill your stomach. This process is natural for everyone as hormones are in charge of hunger. However, there are times one might lose interest in anything food. 

Loss of appetite is not so good as it deprives the body of access to nutrients. If it proceeds for too long, it can predispose one to infirmities. This might be due to mood changes, sad occurrences, illness, stress, depression, medications, etc. 

As a result, one needs to consider healthy ways of returning the appetite online. This is not about forcing yourself to eat. Such a habit might even make you throw up. However, the idea is to support the body to feel hungry naturally so you can eat to satisfaction. 

From consuming water to using natural substances like ginger and building up anticipation, one can do many things to trigger the appetite. 

This article will explore five tips that can help bring your appetite back online:

1. Consider Marijuana and hhc

CBD is another natural substance that can positively improve your appetite and bring it online. It is a known fact, and many cannabis users know that weed triggers hunger.

Marijuana is a popular recreational substance widely used for medicinal purposes. It can help increase hunger, ease pain in cancer patients, assist with chemotherapy, and boost appetite. Many refer to this appetite-boosting effect as “giving the muches.”

After consuming weed or smoking joints, many people crave junk or sugary drinks. When weed gets into the body, it amplifies ghrelin – the hunger hormone. This hormone triggers appetite and activates the parts of the brain in charge of hunger. You can also read more on hhc products here.

Consider checking out this for high-quality weed to help stimulate your appetite. 

2. Create Anticipation

With a lack of appetite, you will not want anything to do with food except junk. As a result, the cooking process will not interest you as it will appear like stress. There are, however, some things you can do to build up the anticipation of eating, like a groom eagerly waiting to lay eyes on the bride. 

Some tested tips are as follows:

  • Check food websites and social media posts dedicated to assorted and classic food delicacies. Simply looking and admiring pictures of food can activate your hunger hormone – ghrelin. It can bring about a mouth-watering effect and a desire to eat.
  • One can also stimulate the appetite by smelling food as it can trigger the desire to eat a specific food. So, try and smell something that mimics the food you intend to eat. 

3. Drink MCT Oil

Many common diets today, like Keto and Paleo, use MCT oil. MCT oil has abundant fat, which can help boost metabolism. Even research indicates that MCT oil triggers the release of ghrelin, which brings the appetite online. 

Caffeine is another appetite stimulant that can boost hunger. With this, starting the day with coffee can trigger hunger, setting the stage for healthy meals throughout the day. 

Also, MCT oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, which facilitates metabolism and supports the digestive system. Unlike other fats, the substance features short-chain fats that the body finds easy to digest. As a result, you will not be heavy after eating a meal with excess fats. 

Add MCT oil to coffee, dressing on your salad, or cereals. 

4. Supplements can also help.

Lack of appetite, at times, can be traced to the lack of essential nutrients in the body or meal. Zinc is one common nutrient that stands out for its special body functions. It helps repair damaged body tissues, supports digestion of protein, and can facilitate a robust immune system. 

A deficiency of zinc will trigger issues with taste and appetite. This is a common issue among adults aged 50 years and above. So, supplementing it with zinc and other nutrients can fuel your appetite. 

Thiamine, or vitamin B1, is another common stimulant for appetite stimulants occurring naturally. Thiamine does a lot of essential body functions, like processing carbohydrates and nerve signaling. According to research, the appetite will suffer significantly if the body does not get enough vitamin b1. 

Consider foods like eggs, fish, whole grains, legumes, etc. 

5. Add Spices to Your Meals

There is more to spices than giving your food an inviting aroma. Spices should be a huge part of your meal, significantly improving appetite. 

When one eats at times, bloating or fullness occurs. This incredibly reduces the urge to eat further. In this case, spices like cinnamon, thyme, black pepper, peppermint, and others can help reduce bloating and improve food digestion. This brings the appetite online, and the ability to munch on foods that appeal to you comes naturally. 

Consider adding peppermint, Oregon, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. They aid digestion and can also reduce bloating. Consider sprinkling cinnamon on baked foods or buttered toast. This can help improve your desire to eat. 


Loss of appetite might seem like a minor issue. However, it can gradually degrade health and pave the way for various problems if not controlled. This makes it essential to consider healthy ways to stimulate the appetite. This article has explored practical tips with which you can bring your appetite back online. 

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