Monday, April 22

A Guide to Spanish Cuisine

In Spain, tapas is the most typical dish for the country. It is an ancient tasty tradition and almost all of the Spanish cuisine is like tapas. Spain is known as the land of small dishes and it is a must to eat tapas when visiting the country. On the walkway along the shops there is a large selection of tapas bars where you can pick and choose.

It is common for different areas or bars to specialize in tapas. For tapas, it may be appropriate to have a beer or a glass of wine. Madrid’s most dense and best tapas neighborhood is located just southwest of Plaza Mayor in the La Latina district. In the streets of Cava Alta and Cava Baja, you can eat tapas for hours.

Food that Spain is famous for and that you often find in tapas is a lot of seafood and fish. There are also Iberian ham and sausage, pickles, shrimp, coma, snails, smoked meat, and cheeses. Madrid also has a number of dishes and recipes that are typical of the capital. Examples of these are Cocido Madrileño which consists of chickpeas and vegetables together with a stew as well as chicken, beef, and pork. A tourist who is a meat lover and visiting Madrid has really come to the right place.

Another typical dish for the local cuisine in Madrid is Callos, which consists of coma.

Spanish food also consists of many desserts and these can be popular at different times of the year. At Christmas, Turrón is usually soft and hard nougat. In spring it is more common with bartolillos con crema, which is a type of a small pie with a thicker custard.

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