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5 Tips to Make Your Tasty Cooking Videos

More than ever before, people flock to cooking YouTube videos. Although many employees at Tasty have worked for months from home, their YouTube content game has only grown better and more unique. But what makes their films so attractive?

This is a hard topic to explain, but in many of Tasty’s most successful uploads, there are certain similar issues that keep attracting millions of new viewers to their channels. And fortunately, most of the things Tasty does well can be done free of charge by anyone! Furthermore, if you want to download tasty cooking videos from YouTube then Ytmp3 Downloader is the best platform using which you can download YouTube videos in HD quality in just a few clicks.

Once the video techniques have been discovered, all you need to do is do the hard part: cooking. If you are looking for tips to create tasty cooking videos of your own, this post culminates a set of tips that can help you in elevating your cooking video production and helping you reach millions of people.

Here are 5 tips for you to craft unique tasty cooking videos of your own by leveraging a video editor.

Tips to Create Cooking Videos

1. Feature your Personality in your Videos: Not just Food

If you truly want to know a recipe, look at it. You’re going to a Tasty video if you want some additional personality, fun, insight, and depth. If you want to apply the same attraction to your own material, you have to infuse your own entertainment value.

The easiest method to achieve this feature of Tasty’s videos is to have a fixed camera that captures the entire time you cook. However, in Tasty’s cooking videos, usually 2 cameras are rolling simultaneously.

2. Label on the On-screen Ingredients

You will surely overlook some crucial information even if you pay full attention throughout a cooking video. That is why all your actions, ingredients, and suggestions must be labeled on the screen.

You may remove them as you continue with your video to ensure that viewers get the most essential portions of the movie.

If your additional text interferes with your video’s style and look, don’t be concerned. If anything, your writing style may be utilized to enhance your unique characteristics and video’s aesthetics.

3. Leverage the Speed Change Feature

No one wants to watch a 45-minute long YouTube cooking video to understand a recipe. Especially if some processes take a long time and these slower portions are certainly not helping you elevate your game.

Moreover, you will probably want to reduce your video by a few jumps, depending on whatever kind of clip you create. For instance, if you record while shopping for ingredients, you will clearly cut it into your prep, and if you put a dish in the oven, the time you take it out will also be reduced.

However, it is useful to speed up some parts of your movie for minor tasks, such as buying, cutting, glazing, or plating. This allows your viewers to still see what is occurring, but they don’t have to feel like their time is wasted.

4. Use Multiple Camera Orientations

This process isn’t constant across all the films from Tasty, but it is a nice point if you want Tasty-style videos to be done on your own, without a camera team. Some culinary networks like Bon Appetit depend on top manufacturing staff, big kitchens, and roving cameras that can follow their chefs at every step of the process.

All you need to start creating this type of video is to use both cameras and a tripod (or equivalent equipment). My suggestion is to put up your phone and camera or your telephone and friend’s phone with two basic tripods or flexible handsets.

When you explain things, make sure that one of them takes a nice picture of your face, and that the other can be moved from the counter to your cooking surface. It may sound complex, but you can hold one camera in position for the whole session, moving the other just once or twice.

Another technique is sometimes to zoom in. Even if your camera stays totally still, the visual monotony of a static picture may break down and make your movie a little more dynamic.

The only time you really want to adjust your camera while shooting is your last shot. You will want to pan over the plate slowly, showing the ultimate product presentation. Fortunately, throughout this shot, you will not have to do anything else, so it is still simple for yourself!

5. Deploy Title Cards in your Videos

This is another editing feature that Tasty does not utilize in all of its films, but when used it adds a tonne of character and flair. However, it does not take much to create beautiful, unique title cards. You can create reusable ones fast with a backdrop texture, personalized text, and vector graphics.

Naturally, your cuisine, personality, and personal experience are the main components in a Tasty-style film. But you can truly let your tastes show on the camera after you have mastered your editing.


Tasty’s cooking videos are loved by all owing to their dynamic characteristics and joyful theme. By following these simple tips, you can create your own Tasty cooking video and craft an incredible cooking video that draws in millions of people.

Once you get a gist of the video creation techniques used by Tasty, you can create compelling Tasty cooking videos that your audience can almost taste, as they reach the end! Keep cooking & keep creating amazing cooking videos!

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