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Amazing Dishes for Your First Date

Few things are more exciting than going on your first date with someone. It’s even more special if they trust you enough to come to your home and let you cook for them. This is a case for most LGBT dates, as almost half of the gay population meets each other through online dating services.

It’s wonderful and all, but how to get to know a person quickly and how to test your compatibility? Some want to go to a favorite movie to test it, while other gay daters prefer dinner dates, but not just in a restaurant – the home-cooked dish can say much more about a person than even his bio at an online dating site can! 

Starting a relationship online can be somewhat harrowing, and meeting up can be a nerve-wracking experience. So let’s say you met your perfect gay man and invited him over for dinner (and not in a restaurant, since it’s not wise during the pandemic). You’ll want everything to go smoothly!

Although you may be tempted to try a dish that is safe and easy, like meatloaf, you must remember that a first date is a time to pull out all the stops to impress your new partner. Let’s be clear here – most straight people would just order takeout and watch “Die Hard” together for the fiftieth time, while gay dates are expected to be a bit more intricate than that! That means you need to have inspired menu ideas that take into account your man’s palate and your culinary skills. 

With that in mind, we have come up with five unique dishes that you have finished your preparations for, found a partner at a gay dating site, and invited him over! Break them out when the time comes for that first date. Each of these dishes is something that most people can cook with a little preparation and practice and offers all the gay men we know are great cooks, so have fun with our list of recipes.

1. Vegetable Soup

The first dish that you should consider cooking when inviting your new gay date is a nice vegetable soup. Soup is a great meal that you can supplement with fresh bread without filling you or your man to the brim. It’s also perfect for vegetarians and even vegans.

Some people panic after meeting the perfect gay partner on a special website and finding out that they don’t eat meat. First – you should’ve used filters, honey; with the filtering system, online dating sites can bring you an ideal man matching you in everything, even dietary restrictions.

But if he’s ideal AND vegan… Some tend to think of meat as the cornerstone of a meal, so the last thing you want to do is invite your gay man over and accidentally not consider his dietary desires and needs. 

Soup is also a great dish to chat over, so once you have met someone special and brought them into your home, you don’t have to worry about talking with a full mouth or leaving an awkward silence. If you think the date could become active later on (after all, you’ve been waiting to meet for so long), then this light soup could provide a great meal that you will not regret. Message your date ahead of time so you can see what sorts of vegetables he likes to eat! The more exciting responses you get, the more you will feel the need to do your very best for dinner!

2. Oriental Salmon

Another fantastic option for a first-date meal is oriental salmon. The fish itself is low in calories and unhealthy fats, so you and your partner can feel light after eating. Moreover, you can also pair this food with a lot of different vegetables that will go well with the meal! This meal is perfect for gay guys that are looking to keep their figure trim. Staying fit and small is something some gay guys, like twinks, like to do, and this meal can help. Moreover, the meal offers something to pescatarians!

3. Quesadillas

If you are looking for something a little easier to make and a little less formal, then you should go with quesadillas. These only require a tortilla, some cheese, meat, and other fixings to make a good finger meal. Best of all, the customization available for this dish makes it one of the best to offer someone that you just started dating. Quesadillas are also helpful to multicultural LGBT relationships. So, if you are trying to date a guy who grew up in the southwest United States or has family from Mexico, this dish could help make a connection between you both. 

4. Steak and Potatoes

Nothing is better than keeping to the simplest food groups for people that like basic meals. Steak and potatoes are simple, tasty, and allows you to cook outside when the weather is nice.

Invite your partner over, see if they want to bring along a salad or dessert, and have a nice grilling session in the backyard with you. This is a safe bet for gay couples on their first date, as the heavy red meat and potatoes tend to inhibit intimate relations. You probably don’t need to worry about that on the first date, though! In the future, you might want to avoid it. 

5. Chicken Alfredo

The last meal you can consider making for a date that you met online and coming to your house is chicken alfredo. Pasta dishes are very filling, but they are also a cultural staple for many communities. All you need for this one is a good Fettucine (homemade if you want extra effort), chicken, and alfredo sauce. You can bake the chicken with spices to give it some zest and then dish out bowls for you and your partner to eat. This is a great meal for the fall, and it pairs well with wines!

Finding the right food to make for the first date requires a lot of forethought. Once you meet a special gay man online, you will want to bring them to your home to show off everything great about you. While experienced daters can create many activities to partake in throughout the date, if it’s your first time close and personal with another gay guy, the meal you make will require more planning.

You should always work around your partner’s favorite foods and not force them to eat something that they do not enjoy for the sake of being a good guest. Offering them options ahead of time with a simple chat is a great way to gauge their interest and plan things. Even if you are not a talented cook, you can find some great recipes that will guide you. The bottom line is that first dates are there for you to make a great impression, and the best impression you can make involves showing off your culinary prowess.

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