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Top 7 Foodie Road Trips For 2021

Food, being an integral part of your existence, has different meanings in different countries and cultures. The consumption of food incorporates one’s cultural roots and ethnicity. Moreover, the authenticity of traditional flavors and aromas make a wanderer travel the whole nine yards to unwrap the destination’s cultural secrets through food.

Indeed, there is something about experiencing undiscovered culinary delights of different local cultures. For this reason, some travelers prefer chilling out in the eateries of the traveled destination rather than visiting local destinations. And if you have decided to plan a food holiday where you can enjoy the exotic flavors and platters of local food of a destination, you can read on.

This is where planning a foodie road trip in 2021 will offer momentous memories for future years. Given below are the top seven destinations that offer good food. Planning a foodie road trip in any of these destinations, thus, sounds appealing.

1. Gothenburg, Sweden

If you plan to explore surfing in a Gothenburg beachside, learning how to ride surf and paddle board carriers is integral. But there’s something that Gothenburg food appeals to traveler’s taste buds. This culinary destination in Sweden is best regarded for the traditional Swedish dishes, strong coffee, cinnamon buns, and fresh seafood. Pickled herring happens to be a staple food in the fishing communities.

Many restaurants and hotels serve Julbord and Christmas tables. And the buffet table gets loaded with colorful Swedish food traditionally significant in local cultures. They are pickled and preserved, and some are cured meats, stuffed eggs, and smoked salmon. For coffee lovers, Gothenburg is your home for freshly-brewed coffee.

2. Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Ever wondered you’d get a delightful amalgamation of rolling green hills, tasty triples, and warm-hearted locals? Tempt your taste buds by visiting the Adelaide Hills in just a few hours. Visiting this small region means contributing to its wineries and small businesses. 

How food looks photogenic here, it’s nowhere less significant when it comes to taste. Choose your favorite artistic cheeses from the Woodside Cheese Wrights. Experience an idyllic pallet picnic that overlooks the vines. Enjoy your photo sessions in front of the wooden doors at Bird in Hand.

3. Sydney To Shoalhaven

A three-hour-long road trip from Sydney Shoalhaven will let you satisfy your taste buds and even your social media followers. Given the significance of this region for the 2019/20 bushfire season, it’s the first best foodie spot. There’s no alternative way to express your gratitude for the locals and enjoy local cultures through culinary delights. Those out-of-the-box food experiences give you happiness overloaded.

Here’s where you can bring out your childhood nostalgia: Alice in Wonderland and get to experience the high tea in a gigantic teacup right next to chardonnay vines. Get your Berry Donut Van stocks and experience wine-tasting

4. Phuket, Thailand

Southern Thailand happens to be regarded for its picturesque islands and simple lifestyle. Thus, people love traveling to this region mainly by road trips. Whether it’s Koh Samui or Phuket, travelers praise the beauty of the places in equal measures. Nonetheless, the good food attention of the country is something unnaturally more predominant than other elements.

The abundance of fresh seafood and influence from Indonesia and Malaysia makes Southern Thai cuisine a powerful kick here. Besides the sinus-hitting sharp taste of chili, you get plain and straightforward culinary delights too.

5. Great Southern Western Australia

Walk the enigmatic trails from Perth and simultaneously enjoy the classic background filled with bushy forests and dramatic mountains. Take snaps of spring wildflowers and enjoy your time in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Here, over 50 wineries pepper for five sub-regions.

Add local oysters to your Riesling and Shiraz. Treat your taste buds with organic natural wines manufactured by Oranje Tractor Wine. From the Stirling Range National Park, take your tip from wine critic: James Halliday. Visit Duke’s Vineyard, and walk over the Southern Ocean. Earn the lip-smacking hyper-local lunch in Denmark.

6. Quebec, Canada

Spending quality time in Quebec reveals why it’s one of the best food destinations in the world and why people take road trips to visit the place and enjoy good food. The most prominent culinary influences here are from Irish and French cuisines. Poutine is one of the fan-favorite dishes here, combining French fries with cheese and gravy curds.

Bistro Le Sam serves the most authentic poutine at Chateau Frontenac. En route to your Quebec road trip, jot down the dishes that you want to taste out of the many. You must not miss out on treating your taste buds with Tourtière.

7. Huon Valley, Tasmania

It takes around half an hour from Hobart, and you visit the Huon Valley. It’s best known for discovering Tasmania. Surprisingly, more than half the percentage of the apples of the state are grown here. However, it has emerged as the destination of gourmands by choice.

Rumbles got introduced in 2016, and Port Cygnet Cannery has just followed suit. One must not miss out on the Home Hill Winery for its authentic pinot noir. Also, the Apple Shed for cider and pommeau deserves mention here.

Summing up

Splurging on food has become a ritual for most travelers far and wide. Refraining from tasting the local delights of a place you travel to is like a drastic mistake. These bespoke experiences of discovering new culinary ecstasies have enthralled every traveler’s heart time and again. And if you want to plan a road trip to any place mentioned above, you can book your rental tickets or go on a ride in your car.

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