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Coating for Chicken – Prepare Perfect Chicken in American Style

Would you like your place to be full of guests? Do you want to boost your sales? If so, offer dishes that are extremely popular and tasty to almost everyone. Juicy chicken in crispy coating is a proposal that you can introduce to your menu in a simple and quick way. If you want to develop your restaurant, enrich the menu with a tasty and attractive novelty then crispy coating for chicken is all you need.

New on your menu – breaded chicken

Crispy chicken in golden chicken coating of Holly Powder is a dish with great sales potential. It tastes good both to adults and children. It provides a wide range of possibilities when creating the menu. On its basis you can easily prepare a variety of dishes that do not have such big competition on the market as pizza or kebab.

Crispy breaded chicken pieces – the basis for expanding your restaurant’s menu

Crispy and juicy pieces of chicken combined with vegetables and sauce go well with both bread and tortillas, so breaded chicken is a perfect base for preparing burgers, hot sandwiches and wraps.

You can also serve breaded chicken as a stand-alone dish or a snack, with fries, cheese balls and onion rings. You can also use it in a salad – chicken makes any salad more filling and nutritious. 

Ongoing trend for crispy chicken pieces

The great advantage of Holly Powder chicken coating and dishes based on it is that you can serve them in any type of restaurant or bistro – they fit perfectly into both fast food and regular restaurant menus.

Besides, chicken is popular regardless of the season. The fashion for chicken dishes is not seasonal, it lasts all year round.

Chicken prepared with ease

American-style chicken is an uncomplicated dish to prepare. All you need is a little free space and basic kitchen equipment. You do not need to invest in special equipment to enrich the menu with new dishes based on breaded chicken.

You can successfully fry breaded chicken in a deep fryer – most restaurants are equipped with them, because they serve fries. As you can see, the cost of introducing chicken in crispy chicken coating to the menu is relatively small, and the technology of preparation – extremely simple.

Crispy chicken? All you need is chicken coating mix!

To prepare the perfect breaded chicken, it is worth using ready-made solutions. High-quality coating for chicken and marinade, used in restaurants, guarantee both the taste and aroma, as well as the perfect appearance of the dish.

Ready-made chicken coating after frying becomes golden and crispy. The marinade boosts the flavor and elicits its depth and intensity. If you choose high-quality meat, professional marinades, and chicken coating mix, your dish will be unbeatable.

Chicken coating

Ready-made chicken coating mix is convenient to use and provides repeatable, satisfying results. Just follow the recipe for American-style chicken that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Where to get a proven recipe for crispy chicken? Which way to prepare the dish is the best one? Try the recipe from the manufacturer of coating for chicken and coat it according to the instructions provided.

Holly Powder – chicken coating manufacturer

The instructions for preparing crispy chicken provided by Holly Powder will lead you step-by-step through the correct preparation process. You will learn how the meat should be chilled, cut, marinated, breaded, and fried.

Professional catering training

The detailed information that the manufacturer shares in the instructions consist of many practical tips. They make serving coated chicken really easy. In addition to the instructional videos and the extensive knowledge base you can find on the Holly Powder website, the company also offers professional training.

Breaded chicken – a way to refresh your menu and grow your business

Preparing American-style chicken is easy and does not require large financial outlays. Thanks to ready-made solutions, such as chicken coating mix, and easy technology you can successfully introduce it to the menu within a few days! Holly Powder also offers complex marketing support for its customers. With such help, enriching the offer of your restaurant with a delicious and popular dish is far more convenient and effective.

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